The triangular pencil is available in both jumbo 12mm and starndard 8mm sizes. The ergonomic shape provides comfort and will not roll off desks. The unique "Soft-Grip-Zone" provides for a secure hold. The pencils are SV-bonded, meaning the pencils are glued the entire length of the barrel resulting in easy sharpening and break-resistant leads that will not fall out. 

The extra-thick 12mm Jumbo Grip EcoPencils are perfect for a child's first writing pencil. The lead hardness is degree B. The size and shape helps children hold the pencil correctly. The pencils are preferred by Occupational Therapists. The pencils come individually or in a 2 pack.

The 8mm Grip Graphite EcoPencils are available with an eraser in lead hardness HB and come in a box of 12.